Adult Leagues

Salem Indoor offers a number of adult leagues year round ranging from Mens Premier to Coed Rec.

We welcome all teams and individuals and are happy to help you find a league that is appropriate for your skill level.

  • Premier Division – For our most elite players in the area. It’s for players who have playing experience and have played professionally, semi-pro, or college.
  • “A” Division – This is a league for competitive players who enjoy playing soccer.
  • “B” or Open Division – This is a league for competitive and recreational players who enjoy playing soccer.
  • Rec Division – This is a fun division for recreational players.  Players are encouraged to play in a respectful manner and understand the importance of “fun.”
  • Over 35 Division – is focused on players over the age of 35 to play in a fun, safe, and competitive environment.  All rostered players must be 35 or older, no exceptions.  
Men’sA & RecA & BB & Over 35Premier
Women’s OpenRecPremier


  • Five team minimum for a full season of eight games.
  • Maximum 15 players per roster. Players may roster on one team per division.
  • Home team wears white, away team wears black. No stripes except for goalie.
  • All players must wear shin guards and indoor soccer or athletic shoes. Absolutely no cleats. If a player is caught wearing cleats, player will be benched for duration of the game.


  • Team Registration Fee due by the first game: $700
  • Free Agent/House Team (for individuals): $70
  • All players are required to pay for a $25 yearly membership, including a signed waiver.

All fees are non-refundable unless league is cancelled by Salem Indoor. No exceptions.


In order to secure a position in the desired league, a team manager with a current working email address as well as a nonrefundable $200 deposit are required at time of registration. The balance of the team fee needs to be paid in full before the start of the first game, no exceptions. 

Failure to pay on time will result in forfeits of all games until the balance is paid and there will be no field time during a normally scheduled game given to players on teams that haven’t paid on time.

Once the schedules have been created there will be no refunds for any teams that choose to drop from the league. Should a team choose to drop after the schedule has been made, that team is still responsible for the entire league fee of $700. Any player rostered on a dropped  team will not be eligible to play at Salem Indoor until the team fee is paid in full, or the individual players pays an $80 reinstatement fee.

Please visit our schedules page to view the most update date schedule of current leagues:



  • A signed waiver and release of liability is required to participate in any league, class, tournament, rental, or other event hosted by Salem Indoor.
  • If the participant is under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardians signature is required for participation.


  • All participants are required to have an Salem Indoor membership in order to participate in leagues or tournaments.
  • Memberships are purchased once a year for $25 and are good for one year from the date of purchase.

Team Manager/Coach:

  • Every team is required to have one team manager with an active email. The team manager will serve as the point of communication between Salem Indoor and their team.
  • The team manager is responsible for making sure team fees are paid on time, the players know their individual fee for the team, the rosters are up to date, and the players are aware of the rules of the game for indoor soccer as well as the specific house rules and policies for Salem Indoor.


  • Once the initial game schedules have been posted there will be no refunds for any teams that choose to drop from the league.
  • Should a team choose to drop after the schedule has been posted, the entire team fee is still required and no player rostered on that team will play at Salem Indoor until the team fee is paid in full or the individual player pays a $70 reinstatement fee.
  • All fees are non-refundable, and no credits will be given, unless a league is cancelled by Salem Indoor.
  • Refunds will not be given for any games played.

Team Rosters:

  • Up to 15 players per roster
  • Players may be added to the roster until the start of the third game
  • No additions or subs to games seven and eight in those leagues with playoffs
  • Player must have participated in a minimum of two games and be listed on the roster to be eligible for play in playoffs, and must be present for all playoff games

Illegal Players:

  • Any player not listed on a team’s roster who plays in a game
  • Any player who does not check in at the front desk prior to the start of their game
  • Any player entering the field through the player box doors
  • Any player who is not of the correct age for the division they are playing in
  • Any player who is playing on another team in the same division, in a division where there are limitations on the number of teams a player can participate (Mens First Division, and Coed 1st Division)
  • Any rostered player that does not have a current membership or a waiver signed

Subs and Sub Fees:

  • Subs are required to check in at the front desk and pay for their game prior to entering the field and must have a current waiver

Season Schedule:

  • The season will be posted a minimum of two days before the league starts
  • Schedule is subject to change
  • Game reschedule requests must be put in a minimum of two weeks before the scheduled game, but are not guaranteed pending opposing teams availability and willingness to reschedule.
  • Games run at 22 minutes per half with a one minute half time, playoffs run at 12 minute halves for semi finals, and full game for final
  • Teams have until minute 17 on the clock to step onto the field of play in order to avoid a forfeit


  • Only rostered players are eligible to play in playoff games. NO SUBS
  • Players must have participated in 2 games during the season to be eligible for playoffs
  • Player must be present for all playoff games
  • Teams have until minute 9 on the clock to step onto the field of play in order to avoid a forfeit for semifinals and minute 17 for final

Proof of Age:

  • Any player playing in a league with an age requirement may be required to show proof of age prior to participation.
  • Any player caught playing in an age specific league will forfeit the game immediately and will not be refunded or credited any payments made.

Termination of Participation:

  • Management reserves the right to, at any time, terminate any individual or team’s participation at Salem Indoor for violation of any of our policies which include but are not limited to, failure to pay team fees, dissent, poor sportsmanship, or violating any of our red card policies.

Entering or Crossing the Field when Arriving Late:

  • Any player or coach that needs to enter a game or cross the field to access the player boxes after the start of the game must wait for both a dead ball and a signal from the referee to enter or cross the field.
  • Failure to do so will result in a yellow card and 2 minute time penalty for illegal entry.

Competition Balance:

  • Salem Indoor may move entire teams or individual players from one league to another or stop teams or individuals from joining a league to maintain the correct level of play within the league.

Promotion / Relegation:

  • Management will lay out plans for promotion and relegation within our leagues as needed to keep a balance in level of play and team numbers.

Field Time During Forfeited Games:

  • The team that did not forfeit may use the field to train or scrimmage so long as they do not include members of the team that forfeited.
  • Once a game has been forfeited there will be no referee on the field.


  • While slide tackling for a ball in the possession of another player is not legal, passes and shots may be intercepted by a slide so long as the referee believes that they are not endangering another player.

5 Goal Rule:

  • If a team gains a 5 goal advantage over the opposition the losing team may play with an additional field player until the end of the game or until the deficit is less than 5 goals.

Point System:

  • 3 points for a win
  • 2 points for a forfeit
  • 1 point for a tie and
  • 0 points for a loss
  • Regular season games that end in a tie will remain a tie.

Regular Season Standings Tie Breaker:

  • The tie-breaker for any questions of playoff seeding, promotion or relegation go in this order: goal difference, head to head record in games between tied teams, goals for, goals against, coin toss.


  • No video recording from the player boxes. Recording may be done in spectator areas only.


  • There is zero tolerance for disrespect shown towards referees and staff.

Gum, Tobacco and Alcohol:

  • No gum, chewing tobacco, smoking, or outside alcohol is allowed on the premises.
  • If you are caught with any of the above you will be asked to leave immediately.


  • If a player, coach, or team is suspected of being intoxicated prior to the start of a match, or during a match, they will be suspended immediately, the match in progress will be terminated, and any such persons will be asked to leave immediately.


  • No water or other liquids are allowed on the field, so please drink them off the field.


  • Absolutely no spitting on the field, or anywhere inside Salem Indoor, will be tolerated by leagues or rentals. Should a team or rental be caught spitting, or heard spitting, all players will be removed from the facility immediately. Please see our Red Card Policy
  • Rentals will be given one warning about spitting before canceling future rentals.


Our goal is to provide each player with a safe and fun environment in which to play soccer, and in order to do so, players need to abide by all rules and policies specific to Salem Indoor. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like to see the complete version of our rules and policies.

A player or coach red carded in a game or scrimmage by a referee, or dismissed by an employee of Salem Indoor, will be suspended for a minimum of one league game and need to leave the facility and its surroundings immediately. A minimum $25 fine will be issued and will need to be paid before returning to Salem Indoor.

The following behaviors and/or actions are considered red card violations as determined by the referee:

  • Spitting or blowing a snot rocket onto the field or against a player
  • Offensive or abusive language against an official, player, or spectator
  • Persistent infringement on the rules of the game after receiving a second caution, or for a third two minute penalty,
  • Violent conduct
  • Serious foul play
  • If a player, coach, or team is suspected of being intoxicated prior to, or during a game, the game in progress will be immediately forfeited and a red card will be issued.
  • Any player red carded for fighting or violent conduct will be immediately suspended for two weeks minimum from all league games and will be required to pay a $50 fine before returning to Salem Indoor. Further review by the board at Salem Indoor will determine the final outcome for players who receive a red card for fighting or violent conduct which may include, but is not limited to a lifetime ban.

Teams refusing to give up a player name for ANY violation may be issued a more severe penalty which may include, but is not limited to: forfeited games, team fee penalties, and/or removal from the league. Please keep in mind that Salem Indoor reserves the right to terminate an individual, or a team’s participation, as a coach, player, or spectator at the facility for violation of any rules or policies and will not hesitate to notify the authorities if needed.

Disciplinary Standard

It is our goal to make sure that Salem Indoor is a welcoming, friendly and inclusive place for players of all ages and ability levels, their friends and their families. As such, we view our rules of the game and accompanying facility policies as critically important and expect everyone to observe them at all times. Additionally, we expect all individuals that enter the premises to act with respect towards all players, referees, employees, spectators and anyone else here at all times.

The decisions of all referees and management are designed to maintain the desired atmosphere within the facility and are final. Anyone who fails to follow our rules and policies will face consequences and risks being banned from participating in further activities here. All referee decisions are to be respected at all times. Furthermore, management may take action against any participant for any behavior that is against these rules or the spirit of the rules regardless of whether or not it was punished by a referee during a game.

We reserve the right to execute our rules and policies to their fullest extent and pursue additional legal recourse as we deem necessary.

Finally, these rules can be changed at any time by management without notice as needed to serve the mission of Salem Indoor.