Who is managing the indoor facility?

Starting the week of November 25th, Capital Fútbol Club will assume management of the facility. We’ll kick off Thanksgiving week with an Adult soccer tournament that will see games played throughout the week and will come to it’s conclusion that Friday.

Youth leagues will then kick off that weekend followed by our adult leagues and others programming.

How can I register?

You can register by creating an account with Dash here. We’re working with a new software vendor, Dash, to enhance the experience of the members of our facility. This includes the ability to search for open rental times, sign up for classes online and manage your personal account online! This will also enhance your experience when you work with our staff, as they will have access to new tools to assist you with getting onto our fields quicker.

You can also sign up for our mailing list to hear from us first as we open up registrations for leagues, tournaments and classes.

What are your program offerings? 

Our plan is to expand the use of the facility back to seven days a week.

Our hope this offer a wide variety of leagues that allow players of all skill levels to find a comfortable place for them to play the game.

This includes classes for adults, recreational leagues for players of all types, skilled and competitive leagues that challenge teams and players, youth leagues in the winter and skills classes for players ages 4-18, at the facility year around.

Tournaments will also make a return. Showcasing the deep amount of talent we have from players in our area and give a place for teams outside our area to measure up to the challenge.

Finally, we will begin maintaining the outside field and increasing our options to host larger leagues with a variety of play types. Both indoor and outdoor soccer, in one place.

What will it cost?

After reviewing the pricing structure, we have found ways to make changes that will improve the team registration experience at the facility.

We have raised the team registration fee to $700. This gives us the ability to remove some of the additional fees including the $10 fee to sub each game. However, if a team pays in full before the first game they can lock the early bird discount and only pay $650 per session.

Tournament fees are $250 for the Thanksgiving tournament and will be announced with each tournament.

With all fees, referee fees remain included in the price.

Will there be any changes to the facility?

We have slated a few significant changes to the facility to itself, including a facelift to the bathrooms and work to ensure their diligent operation. Other changes include things that will make the facility a more comfortable place to be in, enhancing the experience of our friends and family who visit the facility. This includes newly planned viewing areas, partnering with local food vendors to provide food service and visual changes to the check in area and surrounding structure. You’ll want to see it.

Does that mean the facility will be closed a lot?

Our intention is to keep the facility open as much as possible. This means our goal is to time as many construction events to have a minimal impact on regular activity. We’re currently working with partners around the community to schedule the construction and will communicate with the community at large about what to expect.

Why is the club taking this on?

We see this as an opportunity to expand the amount of soccer that is played in the community. Give people the opportunity to find their way to play this game. Most importantly, the Salem Indoor facility has served as a cultural institution for everyone who has played soccer in this community. When the opportunity came up, the time was right for us to take up this work. We’re excited. We hope you are too.

How can I help?

First, connect with us. Facebook, Instagram, our website.

Share the info with anyone who plays the game around in the area.

Reach out to us at info@salemindoor.com

Finally, help build it. Wasn’t it Ronaldhino that once said, “If you build it, they will come?

Just kidding, you thought we were only soccer nerds? This is your home away from home. Where, with a ball at your feet, anything is possible. Where titans of the game and a child who is kicking a ball for the first time nurture a love that runs deep for soccer.

Soccer is love. El fútbol es amor. Bóng đá là tình yêu. Futbol eto lyubov’. Le football est l’amour.

#SoccerInSalem  #GoGoSalemIndoor